Restaurant Expiry Date Checklist

OPTIMAN: Expiry date checklist sheet and action plan

  • Ensure to get the stock on your shelves rotated according to FIFO and sell off as much as possible before the expiry dates are exceeded.
  • Place an advert on Facebook, your supporters from the local community will buy your stock from you and put valuable cash flow back into your bank account. 
  • Expiry dates are these silent little crawlers. You see them now and think aagh, three months away and the next moment you wipe your sleepy eyes and you have multiple items that have expired on your hands.
  • It is not just important to check the dates of the items on your shelves.
  • When stock items are received you have to ensure that the stock that you receive is in date and that you have enough time to sell the item before it reaches the sell-by date.
  • Most items that we work with we cannot serve once they have reached their official sell-by date. 
  • We have to make it our business to be aware of the dates on all dated products. 
  • Once we know that a certain item is approaching its sell-by date we can plan how we want to deal with the product.
  • In most instances I would suggest you incentivize your sales staff on the specific items and the items may sell out and you are relieved of the challenge.
  • I would also suggest in the case of draft beer or soda fountains I would depend on the representatives of the product to supply a discount to run a special offer on their products. Normally they are too happy to assist.
  • Use the items that are moving slowly for prizes to incentivize over and above performance. 
  • The moral of the challenge is to manage the items actively otherwise you just end up dumping stock and losing the purchase value of the items.
  • This sheet was designed to keep us ahead of stock losses and to actively manage the items with sell-by dates that are within uncomfortable timing.

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