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Are all discounts & voids equal?

  • Why are there discounts and voids? 
  • Why in certain sections?
  • Why so many by certain people?
  • What are the reasons?
  • Do not just accept discounts and voids!
  • Follow the crumbs and see where the trail leads you.
  • Retain a copy of the bill. Guest details captured.
  • Guest must write the full name and contact number on the bill
  • Waitron to hand in the copy and there has to be a valid reason why the discount or void was done. the manager approving the void or discount to sign as proof of validity.
  • Report on the discounts and voids to the general manager
  • Each manager has to explain and follow this procedure
Take note of the following:
  • Many restaurants have a team of managers and supervisors working together on one day in the restaurant. Everyone becomes busy, mistakes happen, and or changes in orders are made. 
  • Waitrons approach the closest manager or supervisor and request a void or a discount to be made on a specific Pro-Forma invoice, the Bill as we fondly call it.
  • When the weekly food cost is calculated, the food cost misses the goal by 1%. This does not seem to us as a big mistake however on average this 1% can equate to between R5000.00 and R10000.00. 
  • Now that sounds like a meaningful mistake. 
You can argue that there is never undue wastage, staff meals are under control, where is this unseen trickle of stock, money, or consumables leaking out?
  • Instruct your team to record all discounts and voids as they are actioned. 
  • Use the Bill as proof of the negative transaction. 
  • Record the guest details and contact number on the Bill and request a signature as proof.
  • Expect your team to record a brief explanation of the cause on the bill.
  • Add the daily discounts and voids amounts together and soon you will have a comprehensive explanation for the unseen wastage trickle.
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