There are so many different aspects to running a restaurant, and to assist with your multi-tasking, we have trainers and consultants available to improve and streamline your restaurant.

Are you experiencing high staff turnover? Are you struggling with high cost of sales? Are you receiving complaints?

Introducing: OPTIMAN

OPTIMAN is our EXPERT Consulting & Training programme with which we help guide you through the challenges of running a hospitality business.

  • Audit and research – finding out where you need us the most.
  • Analysis – we analyse our findings, interpret this for you and then prepare a plan.
  • Strategy – we present our strategy and implement the plan to improve your business.
We can also facilitate menu design, food cost programmes, waiter training, management training etc.
Let us know where you most require assistance. Our consultants are experienced restauranteurs and are currently operating their own restaurants. They can assist you to connect all the dots.

Concept Design, Branding & Project Management

Together, we ensure that your brand and concept contain all of the feelings, ideas, and goals of your company or organization.


Comprehensive & strategic marketing solutions for restaurants.

Consulting Enquiry

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