Ask for help before it is too late.

I believe in the saying that it is not what went wrong, it is more important how we deal with what went wrong!

In many cases, there are red flags that come up before something goes wrong. Train yourself to be alert to the red flags of your operation and take the responsibility by the horns. The longer you ignore the itch the more intense the scratch will become.

Act, immediately and if you do not have the answer, ASK! There are no stupid questions especially not, “before the milk is spilled”!

  • If something goes wrong in most cases it is not what went wrong, but how we deal with it.
  • Put health and safety first.
  • Ask for help as soon as you realise you might be in trouble or get into any trouble.
  • It is easier to do something right the first time, than to fix it afterwards.
  • A guest would rather wait for a bit now than have to be disappointed first, and then to wait again for the correction to be made.
  • Remember all managers and staff are representing you the owner and/or general manager of a business. Expect your managers’ best service for you to serve the guests well.
  • Expect the correct quality and quantity stock.
  • Expect proper hygiene, cleaning, and safety methods.
  • Expect PPE at all times, zero tolerance.
  • Expect clean well maintained personal uniforms and equipment.

When you become aware of red flags:

Stop-Breathe-Think-Act-Repeat or alternatively ask, “WHY”?

Prevention is better than cure, it saves time, money, energy and it creates a positive attitude amongst your team. 

Marius Joubert
Author: Marius Joubert

Founder of the first true community for the restaurant and hospitality industry.

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