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Diary use & Clear Communication using Cellphone Reminders

The following notes below are all very good reasons why you should utilize a management communication diary:

Diary = Communication system = All management = Same page = Same Picture

  • Write clear and use one line at a time per sentence.
  • When tasks or Jobs are done tick them off and contra sign.
  • WhatsApp groups can work however things do become deleted.
  • Urgent stock challenges, shortages or out of stock items.
  • Urgent defrosting that needs to be done.
  • Expiry dates that need to be noted.
  • Waste control messages, and stock that needs to be sold out urgently.
  • Sales targets and budgets and incentives.
  • Broken equipment and the possible knock-on effect to menu items that cannot be made.
  • Staff performance and attendance issues and Disciplinary matters.
  • Training and workshops that needs to be done.
  • Menu changes and or updates.
  • Power failures, generator challenges and fuel resupply.
  • Guest compliments and or complaints.

All in house communication is contained in one space. Transparency in communication, builds trust between the TEAM members.

Plan tasks weekly in advance:

  • Management schedule, and Off days.
  • Maintenance planning and scheduling.
  • Painting and detailed cleaning.

Management Diary System to be implemented:

  • Management Diary
  • Orders to be recorded in the ordering diary.
  • Bookings to be recorded in bookings diary.
  • Discipline to be recorded in the Black Discipline Book.
  • Keep these diaries separate.
  • Manage the diaries with a daily carry over system, carrying the incomplete tasks over to the next day.
  • Management to sign the diaries on arrival for the shift to acknowledge messages.

Open communication is a great tool and has to be used in a restaurant business. Team members work different shifts and have off days and could miss each other for days. When the management diary is used by the team, everyone is on the same page and has an understanding of what the other members of the team are doing.

To take the diary to the next level management can set reminders on their cell phones to ensure that important tasks and reports are done and kept up to date.

Automated reminders are a simple way to ease the overloaded to-do lists of people’s busy lives. These scheduled electronic notifications arrive by e-mail, SMS (text message), or telephone. Each individual management team member can be tasked with different responsibilities and the team general manager can have a summary of all set on his mobile telephone.

Every business or business owner has priorities, plan according to your priorities list and set the required reminders.

Update all savings control sheets:

  • Crockery, Glassware, Cutlery and Stationary.
  • Laundry.
  • Chemicals.
  • Pizza Wood.
  • Electricity and Gas.
  • Expiry date check list.

Update all control sales sheets:

  • Compare weekly and monthly sales with the previous year’s same period sales.
  • Cash up’s and Float check especially before a weekend.
  • Till shorts and overs. Discounts and voids.
  • Prep sheet shorts and overs.
  • Individual waitron sales, Top Three and bottom three of the list, What are the waitron incentives for the day.
  • Are waitron incentives implemented and driven?
  • Motivational sales meeting scheduled and done. Were role-plays practised?
  • Follow up on guest compliments and or complaints.
  • Updated take away sales comparison.
  • Planning for Today to be Ahead Tomorrow.

Labour control sheets:

  • Check all shifts.
  • Wages comparison for the week. Wages comparison for the past week. Wages planning for the next week.
  • Food cost reporting on a Monday before 09:00
  • Food cost planning from Saturday.
  • Standard Operating Procedures Control Sheets.
  • Health and Safety Check List, Extraction Service Check List, Fire Equipment Serviced Check List.
  • Asset Register Weekly updated. Insurance updated when Asset List is Amended
  • Computer Equipment Services Updated, Restaurant Equipment Services Updated.
  • Management Incentive Forms Updated.
  • Turnover Declaration Sheets Compiled.
  • Training and Workshop Tracking Sheets Updated and Filed.

Planning and Strategy:

  • Year Planner, Leave Planner.
  • Work Place Skills Plan, Employment Equity Plan.
  • Training Plan.
  • Marketing Plan.
  • Quarterly and Yearly Goal setting.
  • Quarterly and Yearly Performance Appraisals and Feedback.

Speak to all the staff in your business and troubleshoot, find out where people find problems in the business. Set the reminders to strategically remind you of the challenging areas. Initiate solutions, solving the problems your employees experience, their trust and confidence will grow in you as the leader. Build trust in your TEAM by asking for their involvement and rewarding their participation with action.

Gaining the trust of your staff is key to a healthy relationship and a well-managed business.

Marius Joubert
Author: Marius Joubert

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