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Did you give your team an unconditional positive vibe today?

The aim of the game is positivity and positive management tools, not only to improve your day, however, your staff’s day at work needs to be positively awesome to give the guest an awesome experience. Every tool that you implement into your management system has to make a positive contribution to the end result of your team’s work. 

The aim of the Sales Vibe Sheet is the MOTIVATION OF YOUR TEAM and to connect with your team prior to the commencement of their shift just after they have clocked in. 

Everyone is dressed and ready for success.

During the few minutes that it takes for you to complete the Vibe with your staff you will know:

  • Who is present.
  • Who is late for work or ill.
  • Do they look like a winning team?
  • You can see the condition of their uniforms.
  • Are any staff wearing jewellery? 
  • You can establish who is tired or has a problem coming from home to work.
  • You get a very good idea of the state of your team just by evaluating their non-verbal body language.

Remember this is an exercise to create an exceptional vibe and to motivationally juice your team up for success! Build an unconditional positive vibe!

  • You can challenge the team with a competition for the best section of the day and wager an incentive for the shift. 
  • Which team member received the most compliments from the guests?
  • The management and supervisors can vote at the end of the shift.
  • You fill in all the sales team duties and requirements on the sheet with the responsible people for the tasks.
  • You brief the team on special requirements or tasks to prep for a big function or a busy weekend.
  • You brief the staff on broken equipment and or maintenance that will be performed during the day.
  • You brief the team on specials for the day, items that might not be available, and incentives for achieving specific sales targets for the day.

Training and or workshop briefings take place just before everyone goes prepared for their shift.

We are working with adults so each individual responsible person can fill in all the required preparation details on the Sales Vibe Sheet. This includes:

  • Item prepped.
  • Quantity prepped.
  • Waste recorded.
  • Manufacturing date.
  • Expiry date. 
  • FIFO Rotation.
  • Time of completion.

By using the Sales Vibe Sheet you manage to gain an additional daily double-check on manufacturing in your kitchen improved control regarding stock availability and control, quality control, stock rotation, team members taking responsibility, and personal pride for their work. 

Last and most important this is a motivational tool to get your sales staff all juiced up to engage with your clients and to sell them a great experience at your establishment.

The aim of the Prep Vibe Sheet is to connect with your staff prior to the commencement of their shift just after they have clocked in. Everyone is dressed and ready for success.

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