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Hospitality and Restaurant Brokers Facilitate a Variety of Business Skills

This person comes with a specially kitted experiential toolbox and is not a one-trick pony! These Specialist Brokers are relationship builders who ensure customer satisfaction. They exhibit excellent interpersonal skills and are enthusiastic, persuasive, and likeable communicators. The Specialist Broker did not become one by accident and every morning before he dresses up in the battle gear he/she needs to make a choice!

  • Specialist generalist.
  • Real estate transactions.
  • Valuation of hospitality assets and equipment.
  • Human resource mediation.
  • Consideration of Health and Safety in the workplace.
  • Acting as an intermediary between the parties involved.
  • Brokers build and maintain customer relationships.
  • Execute sales. 
  • Complete administrative duties, such as document preparation. 
  • Accuracy of information.
  • Interpretation of information.
  • Communication skills, written and spoken.
  • Follow-up with customers and feedback. 
  • Time management.
  • Customer service is a crucial component of the Broker’s job.
  •  They are responsible for ensuring and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Hospitality and Restaurant Brokers work within an extensive variety of private industries and on occasion with company-owned assets. These Hospitality and Restaurant Specialist Brokers come from the industry with ten to fifteen or more years of experience in the trenches. Working from within the industry to become a broker is essential. The industry is just too specific for any salesperson to become involved. 

Essentially the restaurant person will grow into the skin of a hospitality business salesperson.

Broker Duties and Responsibilities

In order to oversee all aspects of Hospitality and Restaurant sales, a Broker performs many different tasks and actions: 

  • Build Relationships.
  • Client service orientation.
  • Detail Orientated.
  • Perfectionists.
  • Listen.
  • Learn Quickly.
  • Store large amounts of information mentally.
  • Clear communication.
  • Ask relevant questions.
  • Listen for information not divulged.
  • Assess and Anticipate Customer Needs.
  • Knowledgeable in regards to their company’s products and services. 
  • Being able to answer any customer questions or come back with educated answers.
  • Problem solvers. 
  • Recommend Solutions for challenges.
  • Fittingly advise customers and guide them toward a product or service that fits their needs. 
  • Follow-up and feedback.
  • Continually update their knowledge through training and educational programs.
  • Provide Customer Service.
  • Not only selling skills, municipal knowledge.
  • Labor Law Knowledge.
  • Liquor Law Knowledge.
  • Health and Safety Knowledge.
  • Mediation Skills.
  • Documenting information.
  • Detail orientated.
  • Computer skills are required.
  • Administrative Skills.
  • Team skills, working with other parties.
  • Providing excellent customer service is integral to the Broker role.
  • Execute sales and close transactions. 

Often, Brokers must act as a mediator between the parties, making sure that their concerns and desires are addressed.

Process Transactions

After completing transactions, the Specialist Broker is responsible for preparing and completing all the necessary documentation and paperwork for the sale, often requiring some knowledge of local and national laws and regulations regarding sales, Hospitality, and Restaurant specific trading and taxation. They must then process the transaction, ensuring that the customer is accurately charged and all necessary receipts and invoices are given and filed.

Specialist Hospitality and Restaurant Broker Skills

The choice that he/she can decide to be the best possible Specialist Broker with the best possible attitude towards life and it will reflect in each and every interaction that day! 

Remember every day is a new day and you can choose how to tackle it!

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