Robotics in restaurants - Robot serving coffee to woman in restaurant

Increasing productivity and profitability without sacrificing quality, and the potential of Robo-chefs taking up human space in our kitchens soon.

The implementation of robotics has become a reality and seems that it has come to stay with us in the restaurant industry.

Has the fourth industrial revolution dawned upon the fast-casual restaurant industry? In the digital age, physical and biological spheres are coming together with blurry lines. At which point will this influence us enough to experience a remarkable shift from the third to the fourth industrial revolution. Nanotechnology, biological engineering, biotechnology, 3D printing, self-driving vehicles, A.I., actuaries, and mathematicians. The race is on as the replacement of humans by machines the humans may gain better paying and safer jobs in return. As there might be a partial stagnation of the labor market and job opportunities during the current transition period as the new age awakens incomes may rise to new levels.

The drive to minimize kitchen space and to maximize ever-growing rental space robotics is a fitting solution in certain areas. Despite the initial cost of robotics, there are only gains from the implementation. The robots are robust and efficient, productivity is increased immediately. Improvements in quality, output, accuracy, and flexibility. Savings on operational expenses namely uniforms, PPE, training, and retention, staff meals. There are fewer health and wellbeing challenges.

We have established that there is definitely space for robot chefs in the kitchen. The prospect of the world’s first fully automated burger joint is not far off however it still requires a little human help. 

Robots may not take over our workplace yet the personal touch and human element in the front of the house remains the challenge and the home run to hit. 

So how do we address productivity in the restaurant as automation comes with new challenges of software updates, mechanical breakdowns, and in the case of power failures and the absence of generators your establishment comes to a standstill.

 It is not suggested that the following markers are implemented individually however incorporating these into a system will be of essential benefit to your organization to maintain at the least and increase productivity visibly to the advantage of your clientele and your profitability.

  • Training.
  • Award the completion of strategic courses.
  • Workshops.
  • Visible notifications and reminders.
  • Motivate accountability and collaboration.
  • Reward exceptional behavior and performance.
  • Regular assessment
  • Individual directed Feedback with positive, negative-alternative, positive sandwiching.
  • Preventative maintenance plan.
  • Electrical savings strategy.
  • Technology and innovation.
  • Collaboration within and with experts.
  • Relationships.
  • Human, compassion, and empathic interaction and conversation.
  • Social, economical, and cultural elements.

Stay ahead of techno and the rise of the fourth industrial revolution embrace technology and use it to your advantage to ensure that your business and staff remain at the cutting edge of development to stay ahead and not to be left behind.

Marius Joubert
Author: Marius Joubert

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