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Optiman Temperature Control Sheet

  • The Optiman temperature control sheet assists me to keep track of all equipment that is supposed to maintain a specific temperature.
  • To maintain the cold chain for frozen and defrosting food items is not the only reason to keep a temperature control sheet. A cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain. To maintain the cold chain means to control the temperature of a product within the allowed temperature danger zone specifications from frozen, entering your production line to the final product that the guest receives. An unbroken cold chain is an uninterrupted series of refrigerated production, storage and distribution activities, associated with equipment and logistics, which maintain quality by means of a desired low-temperature range.
  • By keeping the temperature control sheet up to date will also show you in time when equipment is not working optimally and before you have a costly breakdown you can save money and downtime by cost-effective preventative maintenance.
  • Specifically on refrigeration units when you do not achieve goal temperatures you can do fault finding through cleaning and washing dirty condenser units before calling out costly technicians. 
  • For good measure and preventative maintenance, you can incorporate the condenser check into your daily equipment checks.
  • The temperature of the geyser feeding warmed water to your dishwasher is imperative. If the water is warmed to 50 degrees then your dishwasher element will only work between 50 and 65 degrees so you might be saving up to 65% of the electricity that the dishwasher might draw normally.
  • The warm water fed into your dishwasher water tank comes from a geyser that could be warmed by a heat pump that takes the heat generated by your freezers to pre-warm the water in the geyser. You might call this “free energy” used to save. 

The optimal functioning of all restaurant equipment is imperative to maintain profitability. If you have unscheduled breakdowns you will not be able to supply guests with all the menu items, this in return might signal poor management and your guests might opt to visit your competitors. Keep your eyes on the temperature dials.

WALK-IN FRIDGE 1                
WALK-IN FRIDGE 2                
WALK-IN FREEZER 1                
WALK-IN FREEZER 2                
UNDERBAR FRIDGE 1                
UNDERBAR FRIDGE 2                
UNDERBAR FRIDGE 3                
UNDERBAR FRIDGE 4                
UNDERBAR FRIDGE 5                
CHEST FREEZER 1                
CHEST FREEZER 2                
CHEST FREEZER 3                
CHEST FREEZER 4                
CHEST FREEZER 5                
FRYERS 1                
FRYERS 2                
FRYERS 3                
FRYERS 4                
FRYERS 5                
GEYZER 1                
GEYZER 2                
GEYZER 3                
BAINE-MARINE 1                
BAINE-MARINE 2                
ICE CREAM MACHINE                
CREAM MACHINE                
COFFEE MACHINE                
GRILL 1                
GRILL 2                
GRILL 3                
OVEN 1                
OVEN 2                
OVEN 3                
PIZZA 1                
ROTISSERIE 2                
OTHER 3                
OTHER 4                
OTHER 5                
OTHER 6                
OTHER 7                
OTHER 9                
OTHER 10                

There are numerous implements that either generate or measure temperature. Monitoring the achieved temperatures consistently and recording these will quickly point out default and allow prevention rather than costly “cure” or replacement.

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