Planning ahead for food costs or stock counts.

Planning ahead for food costs or stock counts.

  • This process starts by thinking ahead a day or two in advance. 
  • You cannot do a stock count in a disorganized kitchen. 
  • Systematically you have to pack your stock neatly and in an ordered manner. 
  • Unpack shelves, wipe the shelves down, and re-pack. 
  • Check for expiry dates or spoiled items. 
  • If boxes are opened portion the items to ensure less wastage and easy counting on the day of the stock count.
  • Attempt to pack shelves according to the layout of your stock count sheet.
  • Consider the production need and defrost in advance that all stock handling is completed at the time of the actual count. 
  • Use the time to your advantage and check that the correct manufacturing and labeling methods were used. 
  • Check FIFO and rotation of stock items.
  • Check that all your invoices of deliveries received during the month has been captured and do a stock valuation check. 
  • Ensure that the capturing mistakes are corrected before you do your stock count to avoid wasting valuable time. 
  • Capture all manufacturing and bulk conversion to ensure that the portioned stock items are valued correctly.
  • Compare the current stock item values to the previous week’s stock item values to find escalated stock item prices or incorrectly valued items.
  • Check for misplaced items, ie. an open drum of oil could be considered empty or as dirty oil. Open it and check inside. Always think inside, behind, underneath. 
  • Work systematically from left to right and from the top to the bottom. 
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