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Restauranthub Company Brokering Service, we are proud to sell your restaurant.

Restauranthub Company Brokers are Restaurant Resale Specialists that can guide you during the complex process of buying or selling a restaurant. The founders and directors of the business Russel Minter-Brown and Marius Joubert have extensive restaurateuring, management, and brokering experience. Brokers is a comprehensive Business Brokerage practice focused on the restaurant industry. We specialize in Restaurant Franchise Resales and Restaurant Sales. We consult and advise clients regarding Restaurant site selection, Tenant Representation, Franchise Consulting, and valuations. We exclusively specialize in selling restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. We are happy to answer any questions about restaurant pricing and valuations, exit strategies, bank financing, asset finance, or any other related subjects.

As professional restaurant brokers we have a collective of 70 years of experience in the cold face and highs and lows of restaurant, bar, and/or club experience, and understand the staffing, operations, marketing, and financial aspects of the business. In addition, we have successfully completed numerous sales transactions involving restaurants, bars, and/or clubs. Due to our extensive understanding and experience in the industry, we are the right team to guide and advise a potential buyer in completing due diligence, to evaluate and value your business correctly to facilitate and close a successful transaction.

As broker Restauranthub Brokers will help the buyer review the many factors involved in finding the right location. Review the Financial Statements of the Business. Review the Fixtures and Equipment List. The seller will have prepared a list of all the fixtures and equipment to be included with the sale. Additionally, a separate list will be provided of any fixtures and equipment not included in the sale, such as personal items to be retained by the seller, and/or items that are rented and/or leased. 

Review the Physical Assets. Through the due diligence process, the broker will arrange for the buyer to do a physical inspection of the premises. During the contingency period, the buyer is free to bring in any contractor he would like to inspect the premises; including the plumbing, electrical, refrigeration, air conditioning, and ventilating systems, and any other mechanical systems. All the equipment must be in good working condition at the takeover date. 

Review Contracts. The broker will provide and review all the various contracts in the transaction with the buyer; including the purchase contract, premises lease, and if applicable, any equipment leases, equipment rental agreements, franchise agreements, and any other contracts applicable. One of the most important facets of the sale is the premises lease. It is the broker’s responsibility to work closely with the buyer and landlord in negotiating either an assignment of the existing lease, an assignment and modification of the existing lease, or a new lease. 

Review Licenses and Permits. The broker will provide and review all the various licenses and permits needed to operate the business with the buyer —the food premises permit, a liquor license, entertainment license, fire department permit and occupational certificate, business license, and health department license, etc. Including all Certificates of Compliance for the plumbing, electrical, and ventilation.

All stock items are the food products, alcohol products, paper supplies, and cleaning supplies that the buyer will have on hand on the day of taking over the business. If the buyer is buying a going-concern business, the buyer will most likely want to keep the existing saleable stock items. The broker will oversee this whole process to make sure the buyer and seller are handling the inventory on a reasonable basis.

We will request from you to complete a prospective buyer and or sellers questionnaire which will give us a better understanding of your specific requirements, goals, and how we may assist if possible going forward and setting yourself up to conclude a successful transaction. We do not accept any business as we represent values and we are not prepared to sacrifice our core values. 

Integrity, honesty, transparency, accuracy, we will not sell a business that we would not consider purchasing ourselves.

Marius Joubert
Author: Marius Joubert

Founder of the first true community for the restaurant and hospitality industry.

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