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The Value of Consistently Training your Staff & the Increased Longevity of your Business

  • Visualize a realistic training plan. Have a vision that you can alter and update regularly as required. 
  • Regular assessment and investment in training.
  • Regularly update your S.W.O.T. analysis [strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats ] and determine your training need.
  • Keep an eye on the future and conceptualize flow from one topic to another. This will ensure easier learning and understanding of your staff’s personal growth. 
  • There are various legislative rules and regulations that your company and employees need to be cognizant of and that you need to be compliant with. Regular training will ensure that you are compliant.
  • Regular training will also consistently indicate to your staff what is required from them and where they stand concerning their daily performance.
  • Make the training personal. Motivate accountability and collaboration.
  • Make the interactions with clientele personal and memorable causing connectivity with your client.
  • Ensure to have a culture of where your staff can ask for and rely on help! When they face challenges.
  • The staff that knows they can rely on each other feel part of a greater community, an ecosystem that intertwines and inter-creates and in return work for each other. The greatest benefactor is your client.
  • Health and safety regulations are adhered to and your staff is consistently reminded of the importance thereof.
  • Consistent training also teaches your staff the correct use of personal protective equipment.
  • Training improves the confidence of your staff.
  • Training improves the performance of your staff.
  • Training saves you money increases your profitability and it earns you money, you can imagine this double whammy! Clientele that returns due to excellent training becomes clientele for life!
  • Training improves the confidence and performance of your staff and in return, your staff provides an improved client experience, this experience will determine whether your client returns and or refers potential new clients to your business.
  • Daily practical experiential training in small memorable quantities will keep your staff motivated and energized. 
  • Daily practical experiential training will create a culture of learning among your staff.
  • Build around responsible leaders that become automatic examples in your business.
  • Assist these chosen leaders to succeed in their challenges.
  • Focus on leader motivation and their subordinates will become motivated automatically.
  • Internally motivate flexible leadership.
  • To create flow you need to get staff to focus. Remove all possible distractions, create repetitive disciplines, ie. PPE, no telephones, break times, eating rules, set clear goals, and give instantaneous feedback management by walking around. Be specific in your feedback and use a PNAP feedback structure. This refers to a Positive, Negative Alternative, Positive.
  • When measuring your training successes do not misunderstand activities that are taking place due to the training – measure the actual improvement or savings or increased profitability.
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