To revamp or re-invent or not, when do you reinvest in your business?

After a personal poll of asking people what weighed heavier on their scale when considering a restaurant experience the following items were listed:

  • Somewhere fun safe, clean, and tidy
  • A venue that’s interesting and cool
  • Somewhere exciting or where there is excitement
  • A place that’s child-friendly
  • Fresh ingredients

And aspects that would be a turn off are:

  • Restaurants that were too far away or difficult to get to
  • Places they weren’t already familiar with and hadn’t heard of 
  • Taste and preference of cuisine
  • Noisy and drunk patrons
  • Dirty bathrooms

Most small-business owners start out by pocketing whatever the business earns, considering any company profit to be their salary if you don’t put money back into the business you’re starving growth. 

After consideration of the above it is clear that it is advisable and in my opinion imperative to re-invest money back into your business not just to keep it in good repair however to keep your clients interested and entertained to ensure your longevity as a profitable small business owner.

The following areas should be considered and you should do local research on which of the items at what time during your revitalization schedule to address:

  • Marketing strategy.
  • Embrace the power of social media.
  • Menu reengineering.
  • Add takeaway and or delivery options if you do not.
  • Staff training.
  • Staff uniforms.
  • Layout change.
  • Painting and decor refreshment.
  • Furniture update.

To avoid a one-dimensional view from inside out, from within your business, contract consultants that are specialists in certain fields to assist you and guide you with new fresh ideas that will keep your prospective clientele interested and entertained. A Staggered strategy of making your planned changes over time will keep your clientele interested and guessing what next? The fact that you invest in your clientele’s wellbeing and experience will keep them loyal and keep them coming back for more.

The answer seems blatantly simple, re-invent, revamp, and remain revved-up!

Marius Joubert
Author: Marius Joubert

Founder of the first true community for the restaurant and hospitality industry.

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