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Twenty non-negotiables to consider daily to make health and safety awareness easier

Practice makes perfect, repetition of a specific procedure or action will lay a foundation and become a default action when you are in an emergency or when an accident happens. 

  • Safety first and foremost WHEN IN DOUBT “CUT” IT OUT.
  • If you are NOT WELL when arriving for a shift report to your line manager before you commence with your shift!
  • Wash your hands correctly and regularly, no long nails, no nail varnish.
  • Wear your PPE, tie hair back, no accessories, avoid loose clothing.
  • Clean uniform and apron for every shift.
  • No smoking on shift.
  • Protect injuries correctly.
  • No noise, horseplay, and joking around.
  • Do not run, WALK.
  • NO DRUGS or ALCOHOL usage on shift.
  • Report broken equipment and or machinery and do not operate it.
  • Focus on your tasks, pack phones away.
  • Do not distract or interfere with your colleagues at work.
  • Use correct systems and procedures when operating equipment and tools and use them for the intended purpose.
  • Follow the operating procedures when working with LP-GAS.
  • Consistent training on SAFETY procedures with gas and where the shut-off valve is.
  • Consistent training for actions during EMERGENCY PROCEDURES ie. explosion or fire.
  • First aider training and fire safety training.
  • PRACTISE the safety procedure in case of an emergency regularly. Practice through roleplay and regular workshops.
  • STOP – BREATH – THINK – ACT in any emergency!

Practice makes perfect, and only the day that the inevitable happens and there is a real emergency and due to the fact that you and your employees have consistently practised what actions and protocols should have adhered to you will realise the value of all the hard work and effort that you have applied to make the workplace a safe environment. 

Marius Joubert
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