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Management Table Layout in the Morning

  • Pilots use their instrument panels to land their aeroplanes, even in the dark! 
  • If they can trust their instruments the pilot in charge will land the plane with ease without having to look out of the cockpit window to see where he or she is going. 
  • The layout of the list of documents below is chosen specifically for the general manager’s instrument panel or flight deck. 
  • Without having to walk through the restaurant the person in charge will have a good enough overview of what is done, not done, and what is required to be done for the successful operation of the restaurant for the day.
  • Trust is the magic word considering this control system. 
  • The team working on the project is responsible for counting and capturing information on the computer system. 
  • Accuracy is of utmost importance for the pilot not to perform a crash landing. 
  • At a glance the responsible person, “pilot”, can evaluate the information required to plan the day and or days in advance, and delegate the required tasks. 
  • Consistent repetition of good habits creates great working habits 
Lay the following out neatly during your closing procedure every evening for the opening shift the following morning:
  • Cash-up from the previous day.
  • Payouts from the previous day.
  • Voids, transfers, and discounts with explanations from the previous day.
  • Prep sheet from the previous day.
  • Bulk sheets from the previous day.
  • Prep differences or variances with explanations from the previous day.
  • Explanations of prep and liquor differences for the previous day to be signed off by closing management.
  • Diary with urgencies noted.
  • Weekly 11 and 5 o clock check sheets.
  • Communications file with important email communication.
  • Discipline black book.
  • Average spend per head top and bottom three performers.
  • Management diary.
  • Waitron shifts.
  • FOH sales vibe sheet.
  • Production staff shifts.
  • BOH prep vibe sheet.
  • Management shifts.
  • Take away drivers shifts.
  • The following weeks shifts.
  • Compare the actual expense of the previous day’s wages budget to the planned shifts – If you have overspent plan how you will correct the over expense and action your plan.
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